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OPIC has several plunging devices to cater for a range of experimental constraints, be it the need for single-sided blotting, or plunge freezing of high containment level organisms.

Within our 'yellow suite', operating at category 2 level (with category 3 capability), we have three plunging devices within biosafety cabinets appropriate for HG3 level pathogens.

Two Vitrobot (Thermofisher) plunging devices

  • Version: Mark IV
  • Latest software installed
  • Regularly serviced.



GP2 (Leica)

  • Ideal for single sided blotting.
  • Regularly used for cell, tomography and single particle samples.
  • Housed within a humidity controlled room in a class II Biological safety cabinet.
  • Protocols in place for plunging approved organisms up to Hazard Group 3.

Additional plunging devices:

  • High pressure freezer, HPM-010 Baltech.
  • Two manual plungers, one located in our containment suite.
  • CryoPlunge-3 (CP3, Gatan) in a biological safety cabinet, located in containment suite.

Other grid preparation tools

  • PRIMO micropatterning device for seeding cells on grids.
  • Negative stain bench with Uranyl Acetate, Uranyl Formate and Uranyl-free stains.
  • Clipping and Loading stations for Autoloader microscopes.
  • Ethane and ethane/propane canisters for plunge freezing.
  • Harrick plasma glow discharge units.