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I have data...what now?

This section covers:

1. Data transfer.

2. Data processing.

Data transfer

External users: Hard drive or globus.

Internal users with BMRC accounts: please refer to the Internal section.

Regularly required input parameters:

-Total dose (e/A2). This should have been noted down during data collection set up.

-Desired box size (often in pix). It is often advisable to bin data for pre-processing (fourier crop value in cryoSPARC). Refer to internal pages for box size recommendations.

-Gain reference location.

-Movie location.

-Calibrated pix size...note that this does not necessarily correspond to the header in your raw movies, since it is not editable in EPU by facility managers.

Calibrated pixel sizes for Krios/Falconiv-selectris:

Post stage upgrade

81Kx --> 1.5134 huApoF 05/10/2022
105KX --> 1.1871 huApoF 05/10/2022
130Kx --> 0.932 huApoF 05/10/2022
165KX --> 0.7303 huApoF 05/10/2022


Magnification Pixel size Date last checked

53Kx --> 2.322 huApoF 15/06/2022 
64kx --> 1.91 huApoF 15/06/2022 
81Kx --> 1.522 huApoF 15/06/2022 
105KX --> 1.14 huApoF 26/03/2022 
130Kx --> 0.894 huApoF 26/03/2022
165KX --> 0.7 huApoF 26/03/2022
215Kx --> 0.571 huApoF 26/03/2022
270Kx --> 0.456 huApoF 18/04/2022

Acknowledging opic

It would be a great help for our facility if you could remember to acknowledge OPIC in any resulting publications, posters, and/or talks.

If you used BMRC resources as part of your visit, please also remember to acknowledge them too.

Suggested information:

"Computation used the Oxford Biomedical Research Computing facility, a joint development between the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and the Big Data Institute supported by Health Data Research UK and the National Institute for Health Research. Support was provided by the Wellcome [203141/Z/16/Z].  The OPIC electron microscopy facility was founded and supported by Wellcome [060208/Z/00/Z & 093305/Z/10/Z]. "